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Mobile medical carts support vaccination process



Ergotron’s Mobile Medical Carts will assist with the vaccine rollout

Ergotron has unveiled its customisable Mobile Medical Carts and charging solutions designed to support clinicians’ efforts in delivering a safe and efficient vaccination process. 

As COVID-19 vaccination sites are set up in non-traditional spaces such as football stadiums, Ergotron has launched mobile carts and charging solutions to bring technology to the point of need, facilitating access to digital records and securing uninterrupted runtime for IT equipment to maximise workflow productivity, while providing access to vaccination material.

The first line of defence in controlling further spread of infection starts with initial detection of a high temperature in individuals as they come in for a vaccination. Ergotron’s thermal imaging medical carts bring this technology to the point-of-care in any situation, where quick temperature detection is needed. The preferred thermal imaging camera equipment can be mounted to one of Ergotron’s mobile medical carts to support temperature measurement wherever it’s needed.

For the demanding task of safely vaccinating thousands of people in the shortest time frame possible, accuracy with identification and update of digital records is required. Ergotron Mobile Medical Carts fulfil this need by bringing an ergonomic workstation to where it’s needed. The carts support the efficient vaccination of large groups of people outside the clinic walls, such as parking areas and other non-traditional locations, and provide convenience and access to strategic accessories needed to facilitate the different phases of the vaccination process. Optional LiFe or LiFeKinnex™ battery power provides uninterrupted runtime for laptops or computers without access to outlets.

“A fast, efficient COVID-19 vaccination rollout is key to fighting, and ultimately reversing the devastating impact of this pandemic”, said Richard Guy, Country Sales Manager UK & Ireland at Ergotron.

“To do this we understand that vaccinating large populations of people requires equipment that’s easy to move, dependable and convenient. It’s why Ergotron’s Mobile Medical Carts, which are lightweight and easy to move, are ideally suited to support care providers as they work to distribute the vaccine in clinics and hospitals, as well as other temporary locations such as parking lots, vaccine drive-through facilities and other vaccination stations.”

The use of tablets, laptops or other mobile IT equipment is necessary for many applications during the vaccination process, therefore optimising the workflow productivity with powered devices is crucial for achieving a smooth and productive procedure. Ergotron’s Charging Cabinets and Carts are designed to transport, secure, manage, and charge up to 40 tablets and Chromebooks or 30 full-size laptops, with up to 40% faster charging for IT devices onsite. 

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