Lifelight secures £1.2m to scale remote monitoring system



A tech venture which allows remote monitoring of blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate has secured £1.2m in financial support to help scale its system.

Lifelight, novel technology that allows a smartphone or tablet device to collect accurate measurements through a patient looking into the device’s built-in camera for 40 seconds, has secured a £1.2m Innovate UK continuity loan to fast-track safe remote patient monitoring of vital signs.

With COVID-19 accelerating the demand for scalable remote patient monitoring, further Innovate funding will support Lifelight to rapidly and as often as needed measure a user’s vital signs from home.

As well as improving the overall patient experience, being a 100 per cent non-contact device, Lifelight enables patient self-management via one device, often the patient’s own smartphone and transforms traditional healthcare workflows by cutting down on unnecessary in-surgery or home visits.

Lifelight’s CEO and Founder, Laurence Pearce, says: “Providing remote patient monitoring and enabling clinicians to understand how their patients are doing remotely is crucial in a post-pandemic world. Lifelight is at the forefront of this shift and we are delighted to be recognised in this way by Innovate UK.”

Innovate UK received 373 submitted applications, approximately triple the usual number, and were able to fund 18 projects – a fantastic achievement for the Lifelight team.

Laurence adds: “This is an exciting and crucial step towards changing the scope of care and outcomes for population health in the UK and beyond, combining remote patient monitoring and AI to make healthcare accessible for all via a standard smartphone or tablet device.”

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