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Leva Clinic partners with Boots to expand digital pain services



An online clinic specialising in chronic pain has partnered with Boots UK & Ireland to expand the reach of its digital pain services.

Leva Clinic’s in-house healthcare professionals have condensed world-leading expertise into a personal pain management programme, in the form of a web-based app.

And from this month, patients will be able to purchase the pain management programme from Boots Health Hub, an innovative marketplace that serves as a gateway to Boots and third party online healthcare services.

The programme includes 12 modules for patients to work on independently, at a time that suits them, with expertise translated into straightforward, achievable advice. Topics include understanding pain, communicating about your pain, work, relationships, movement and medications. During the programme, patients have access to daily mindfulness practices from the clinical psychologist team, and instant chat with Leva Clinic’s health coach team to help support people to achieve their goals. 

Eric Bystrom, CEO at Leva Clinic, says: “The digital pain management programme has been designed by our multidisciplinary team of leading pain doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists and people living with pain. We have created a best in class pain management app which is easily accessible online. We are very excited to partner with Boots to expand our distribution of the programme to patients throughout the UK as we believe that the better you understand your pain, the better you can manage it.”   

Rich Corbridge, CIO at Boots UK and Ireland, adds: “Innovation and change in healthcare has to be based on what patients want and need. The partnership between Boots and Leva is based on how we can deliver to a need that has been well identified by the team.

“The partnership has been created to ensure innovation for the benefit of patients can be made available to them as widely as possible and as quickly as possible. The partnership has been one of the easiest to create I have ever seen as we have the same degree of patient focus in all that we do.”

This collaboration comes following the increasing demand of patients awaiting pain services nationally due to COVID-19, and the latest release of updated NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines published in April 2021 on the assessment and management of chronic pain. These guidelines, to be used by both healthcare professionals and people with chronic pain, highlight the need for patient-centred treatment of chronic pain. 

Leva Clinic is the UK’s first Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered online clinic for those patients living with pain. Currently, Leva Clinic takes referrals for private patients and is also delivering a referral pilot with a London-based NHS Trust. The service has been noted by the Department of International Trade as 25 Ones to Watch in Digital Health. 

The digital pain management programme forms part of the wider clinic offering. Patients are assigned a dedicated care team composed of clinical psychologists, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who create a bespoke care plan and treat patients through online consultations. 

It is estimated that 28 million adults in the UK currently live with persistent pain, with back pain being the single largest cause of disability in the UK. British Pain Society estimates that chronic pain is more costly to society than cancer and heart disease combined. 

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