Leading hospital Sheba launches VC health tech fund



Shoni Health Ventures, a health tech fund affiliated with ARC Innovation at Sheba Medical Center, will invest in startups specialising in digital health and medical devices.

The fund will invest in early-stage (pre-seed and seed stage) startups and will utilise its resources to support entrepreneurs in various aspects of their company’s growth.

The fund has already invested in five health tech startups: Quant Health, AISAP, CoPilotMD, FeelBetter and Append Medical.

Eran Lerer, CEO & Managing Partner, Shoni Health Ventures, said: “Many health tech startups around the world are struggling to attract early-stage investors.

“Consequently, many potential innovative solutions that could significantly improve global health remain unrealised.

“We aim to bridge this gap, supporting health tech startups in bringing their innovative solutions to market and make a global impact.”

Shoni Health Ventures is strategically and commercially tied to ARC Innovation at Sheba Medical Center –  one of the world’s leading hospitals.

The alliance brings the portfolio companies unique access to global partnerships, more than 25 years of medical data and medical personnel.

Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center and Director and Founder of ARC Innovation, said:

“The digital health sector has seen considerable growth in recent years, and even with the recent slowing of the market, we believe that digital transformation is the only way forward in the long run.

“With the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, bio-convergence, and other technologies, we are just beginning to see the impact of digital and smart solutions on the future of health. ARC Innovation is thrilled to announce the partnership with Shoni Health Ventures.”

Shoni Health Ventures fund was established by Dr Ran Goshen and Sarah Greenberg.

Dr Goshen is an expert in gyneco-oncology and an entrepreneur in cancer-related innovations.

He is also the founder of N1X10, serving as its hands-on chairman and chief physician.

The company is creating the first global network for cancer patients and specialists, introducing revolutionary support services.

Sarah Greenberg is a business and social entrepreneur.

Greenberg’s experience spans venture capital investments, corporate strategy, impact investments, alongside with roles in public and social sectors in the US, China and Israel.

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