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Imprivata solutions accelerated emergency COVID-19 vaccine delivery for Northern Ireland Public Health Service



Digital identify company Imprivata has announced that its identity and access management solutions accelerated COVID-19 vaccine delivery in new research published in the peer reviewed journal Therapeutic Advances in Vaccines and Immunotherapy.

Deployment of Imprivata’s single sign-on (SSO) and identity governance solutions by the South Eastern Health and Social Care (HSC) Trust in Northern Ireland enabled it to establish and rapidly stand up a new vaccine delivery facility in response to high COVID-19 vaccine demand during the peak of the pandemic.

Dr Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer and SVP of Customer Strategy, Healthcare at Imprivata, said: “This research underscores just how valuable time is in healthcare and the life-critical difference that identity and access management technology makes.

“Clinicians need instant access to critical information systems based on their specific roles, with access rights and permissions that move with them.

“Technology that automates identity services and processes strengthens data security while allowing clinicians to focus on what’s most paramount – patient care.”

Already leveraging Imprivata’s SSO solution and conducting a pilot of its identity governance technology, The South Eastern HSC Trust rapidly pivoted to securely provision and authenticate 500 new vaccine delivery personnel within 25 minutes.

This enabled the facility to provide immunizations faster during the surge of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, whereas manual provisioning often takes days hours or days.

Journal article author, Dr George A Gellert, said: “Given the use case of identity and access management technology, future delays in enabling hundreds or thousands of clinicians with rapid and secure access critical systems during a crisis can –and should—be averted.”

The newly and rapidly deployed Regional COVID-19 Vaccination Center operated for 12 hours per day, seven days a week with a maximum delivery capability of up to 4,000 patients per day.

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