Hospital launches gynaecological diagnostics service



Independent charitable hospital King Edward VII’s has launched a new gynaecological diagnostic centre offering screening, diagnostic and interventional services to women.

The new centre offers a service designed not only for routine screening and regular check-ups, but also for diagnosing a wide range of gynaecological abnormalities. It covers conditions across the entire spectrum of women’s health from pelvic pain, menstrual problems, fertility issues and early pregnancy complications, to rapid access services for women with suspected endometrial and ovarian cancer.

The team use the most advanced and innovative diagnostic algorithms and leading ultrasound equipment to diagnose the most challenging conditions such as pelvic endometriosis and non-invasive characterisation of ovarian cysts. All consultants in the team are highly skilled clinicians who run gynaecological, early pregnancy and rapid access clinic in several leading London teaching hospitals.

The team of consultants is led by Professor Davor Jurkovic, who is an internationally recognised expert in gynaecological diagnosis and early pregnancy.

Coupled with clinical consultations and minor procedures, this integrated approach allows personalised care tailored to each woman’s needs. With a large, multidisciplinary group of experts, women can be assessed, provided with a diagnosis and management plan all in one visit.

Patients therefore benefit from a significantly faster diagnostic process without delays or unnecessary repetition of tests, and with a much smoother transition at every step. With dedicated navigators and clinical nurse specialists, patients at the hospital will be supported through every step of their journey.

The centre adds to King Edward VII’s suite of highly advanced women’s health services including a specialist centre for severe endometriosis and gynaecologic oncology, as well as a dedicated Breast Health Centre, which offers triple assessment breast screening, reconstructive and oncoplastic breast surgery.

“The aim of the centre is to provide women with a user-friendly service that offers immediate diagnosis and an individualised management plan in a single visit without the need for additional blood tests, imaging such as MRI or diagnostic surgical procedures,” says Professor Jurkovic.

“We are able to do that using ultrasound which is a safe, non-invasive and painless diagnostic test. The quality of ultrasound diagnosis is dependent on the skill and experience of the operators and all of our consultants are experts in gynaecological ultrasound, a key factor in achieving such a high level of diagnostic accuracy. The ability to reach definite diagnosis and formulate a management plan in a single visit minimises discomfort and costs and enables women to resume their regular social and professional activities without delay.”

Clinical director of women’s health, Professor Christina Fotopoulou, says:King Edward VII’s Hospital offers a specialised environment for women to be taken care of by a team of internationally-renowned experts. Our team is committed to making each woman’s journey specifically adapted and tailored to her needs whilst ensuring she feels safe and informed.

“Our integrated diagnostic centre can help women start their journey to treatment and recovery no matter how challenging or rare the condition is.”

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