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HN launches £900,000 innovation fund



HN (Health Navigator Ltd), an award-winning health tech company using AI to predict and prevent urgent care, has launched a new co-investment fund for NHS trusts and ICBs.

The offer is open to the first ten NHS organisations to express an interest in the company’s proven AI-based programme, which has demonstrated significant system savings across hospital capacity, urgent and elective admissions, and improved patient safety scores and outcomes.

HN refers to the new scheme as its ‘wave 2 innovation fund’, following its successful first trial conducted between 2015 and 2022.

Dr Joachim Werr, Founder and Executive Chair of HN, said:

“The launch of this new co-investment offer represents an important opportunity for the NHS to embrace AI and machine learning tools proven to have a positive impact on patients and the system alike.

“Our lengthy and robust trial with the Nuffield Trust has demonstrated that patient outcomes are improved by intervening in a timely and appropriate manner,  giving them the confidence and support to live well, at home.”

HN’s offer is its ‘AI-Guided Clinical Coaching’ (AICC) programme, combining data scientific and AI capabilities with digital services, and is delivered by skilled healthcare professionals.

The AICC model enables organisations to accurately identify patients at risk of adverse and preventable events such as uncontrolled disease progression, hospitalisation and prolonged hospital stays.

The model is proven to help restore and recover ailing urgent and emergency care services.

HN has committed its feasibility study – a detailed analysis of healthcare consumption patterns including patient demographics and inequalities data, and worth up to £90,000 per ICS – to be included as part of the wave 2 scheme.

The deadline to register for HN’s programme June 31 2023 in order to be eligible for the innovation fund.

With recent figures showing a waiting list of over 7m, in addition to record numbers of patients waiting more than 12 hours for treatment at A&Es, HN’s innovation fund provides a unique opportunity to support the restoration of urgent and emergency services.

Dr Paddy Hannigan, Chair of the Stafford and Surround CCG and Clinical Lead for Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent ICS Digital Programme, said:

“HN’s offer was transformational for us in Staffordshire and it is applicable to every ICS across the country.

“Data can play a huge role for the NHS if it is collected, analysed and acted upon in the right way.

“The key to our work with HN was the data-driven case-finding.

“By using data to better forecast demand and predict outcomes we were able to manage the resources we had accordingly, and of those patients on the intervention, reduce hospital care costs by 30 per cent per patient.”   

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