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A pioneering digital healthcare education platform which is addressing the global shortfall of healthcare workers and is helping to revolutionise healthcare training worldwide is marking its five-year anniversary.

Founded by Dr Johann Malawana, Medics.Academy was created to help solve the global workforce crisis through scaled education and training. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts there will be a global shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030.

Through its digital platform, the company aims to empower health professionals globally through innovative education and supporting continued professional development.

Its vision is to ensure healthcare education is affordable and accessible to healthcare workers and students across the globe, delivering the workforce society desperately needs. Medics.Academy hopes that it can help increase the number of doctors per 1,000 people from 1.56 across the globe to closer to European averages of 2.8 to 3.7.

The company’s blended learning programmes are created by doctors, engineers, artists, and film-makers to enable students and healthcare professionals to learn in new and innovative ways.

Content can be accessed anywhere, flexibly fitting around clinical practice, with the aim of empowering health professionals and driving improvements in skills, knowledge and patient safety.

Medics.Academy founder Dr Johann Malawana

Reflecting on the successes of the five years since its foundation, Dr Malawana said: “Everyone should have adequate access to healthcare, and for that they need to have adequate access to enough healthcare professionals. Medics.Academy is committed to helping to tackle this challenge.

“Our team is passionate about innovating in healthcare and empowering health professionals across the globe to do the same, and together we have managed to make healthcare training more efficient and accessible worldwide.

“Our commitment to standardise education around the world will ultimately create safer clinical and better patient outcomes. Alongside this we also have a focus on leadership and creating greater gender equality in healthcare, to better reflect the needs of the modern-day society.”

Medics.Academy is dedicated to partnering with top clinicians and partner organisations to deliver a range of engaging, high-quality programmes. These include:

  • The Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) – a social enterprise formed in 2016 in response to demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership, the company is helping to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • F|Docs programme offers interactive teaching materials to foundation doctors which enables final year medical students and foundation doctors to better prepare for their future careers
  • Nucleus – an innovative collaboration between Medics.Academy and Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust to develop a revolutionary online programme set to future proof the medical workforce for the genomics generation.

Since being established, Medics.Academy has achieved a number of milestones. In 2021 it was named as one of the ‘First 100 companies’ featured in The UK’s Digital Health Playbook, which lists some of the top digital health companies in the UK who have displayed their commitment to export and international expansion.

Medics.Academy has also worked with a number of partners, including the World Health Organization (WHO), NHS Health Education England, The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, WILEY, and the Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, Barts Health, the Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association, the Indian Confederation of Healthcare Associations, the Malaysian Ministry of Health, the Qatar Foundation and a variety of other organisations across healthcare globally.

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