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Funding boost for disruptive home care tech

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UK software firm Lilli, which aims to use machine learning to revolutionise home care, has raised £4.5m in a pre-series A funding round.

The funding comes eight months into CEO Gren Paull’s tenure and follows a series of senior appointments, including Kelly Hudson as CSO, and CCO Nick Weston, formerly of O2.

Lilli uses machine learning to analyse a range of data sources, such as temperature, motion, and power usage.

This provides real-time data and insights to those responsible for caregiving to provide reassurance about wellbeing and highlight any causes for concern.

This enables health and social care providers to intervene earlier, whilst monitoring at a distance, reducing the need for hospital admissions and lowering costs.

Lilli’s technology has  undergone a trial with Brent Council and is about to commence a 100-person trial with Dorset County Council, both through Lilli’s Independent Future Group.

The group is a coalition of local authorities and professional care associations which aims to explore the further use of technology and help address the changing needs of care.

Discussions are also in progress with 17 local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups about additional implementations.

Gren Paull, CEO, Lilli, said: “The timing for this new preventative approach to care and integration of our smart technology is crucial in meeting the needs of ageing population, this has only been exacerbated by COVID 19. The role of technology has a vital role to play in the future success of care delivery across the UK and globally.”

In the UK, the number of people living with self-limiting conditions is increasing. The resulting strain on social care resources means that providing ongoing monitoring for people is a challenge. As this problem escalates, caring for an ageing population will become more demanding over the next decade.

Lilli’s technology enables detailed, round-the-clock monitoring of behaviours. By using machine learning in observing patterns and trends among users it can identify changes in behaviours before conditions become acute.

The recent funding round was organised by West Hill Capital and was 50 per cent over-subscribed.

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