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Exergen expands in Ireland

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Exergen Corp, a global leader in infrared temperature measurement technologies for medical applications, has signed a marketing and distribution contract with Oxygen Care to market its products in Ireland.

“Since 1972 Oxygen Care has been supplying medical equipment, offering clinical support and after-sales product support to hospitals, medical facilities, community care centres and consumers throughout Ireland,” says Karl Goulding, managing director of Oxygen Care.

“We supply and service a range of products in the areas of anaesthesia, monitoring, clinical information management systems, ventilation, ultrasound, infant care, emergency care equipment including defibrillators, suction & oxygen therapy and respiratory therapy. The purchase of any medical device from Oxygen Care is the beginning of a long-term partnership between our support team and our customer. Our commitment is to supply the best in quality medical equipment with a premium after-sales service and support.”

“The temporal artery thermometers designed and manufactured by Exergen are a perfect fit for Oxygen Care because the TAT-5000S, the TAT-2000 and the TAT-2000C are very advanced products for both professional medical professionals like doctors and nurses and at-home users that sell for a very reasonable price.”

With offices in Kilmacanogue and Belfast, Oxygen Care will market both the TAT-5000S, the TAT-2000 and the TAT-2000C.

The TAT-5000S is an infrared temporal artery thermometer for use by doctors and professional caretakers in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

The TAT-5000S easily stands up to the heavy duty demands of a high-performance hospital workplace, including intensive care units and emergency departments, and all inpatient units.

Based on the same infrared technology the TAT-2000 is a light-duty professional model intended for school nurses, nursing homes, and other occasional use clinical settings.

The TAT-2000C is the retail version of the TAT-2000 and is aimed at at-home applications.

Dr. Joaquin Azpilicueta, director of sales for Europe & Middle East, says: “We are very happy that we now have the opportunity to work with Oxygen Care to help both doctors, nurses and consumers in Ireland with our TAT-5000S, TAT-2000 and TAT-2000C thermometers. Ireland is a very important market for us. So we are very excited to be able to work with Karl and his team as our new partner and distributor.”

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1 Comment

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