Event report – global medtech’s first digital foray



The Med-Tech World Summit, and its associated medical cannabis event Med-Cann, took place online last week.

The virtual summits welcomed 1500+ attendees, 20 keynote speakers, 12 panel discussions and 40 thought leaders across 27 countries, with the top five being Malta, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Israel. Live-streamed across Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, the conference was watched for 78,770 minutes in total, bringing together 112,440 viewers, 1,500 delegates and generating around 2,800 virtual connections.

The introductory speeches were conducted by Hon. Silvio Schembri and Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Chris Fearne for Med-Can and Med-Tech respectively, both opening by addressing the necessary balance of the continuation of business matters, and health precautions.

Both summits also addressed the unprecedented growth in the industries, having Hon. Schembri talk about the ongoing rise and the bright future of the medical cannabis world in Malta, and DPM Dr. Fearne complimenting this whilst saying how the island can serve as a medical technology and digital health innovation hub.

The panels addressed a number of subjects ranging from sex-tech, designing safer cannabinoid pharmacotherapies, to issues that surfaced due to pandemic itself, such as the digitalisation of health systems and how the global state of things inadvertently made this topic take the front seat in the medical world.

Issues surrounding CBD were also addressed explaining the drug’s non-psychotropic nature, along with the talks on ‘smart implants’ with prototype demonstrations by researchers from the University of Malta.

In addition to all of this there were the usual polls that go out during the summit which addressed issues such as plantation territories for the importation of cannabis, to which the vote was split between Malta having the majority of voters, followed by Israel, to the concept of having AI-powered self-diagnosis to which 63% of voters answered in affirmative.


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