Ergotron’s CareFit Combo System drives higher quality patient-focused experience in new NHS Emergency Department



Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust selected Ergotron’s CareFit Combo System for their new emergency department to deliver quality and efficiency when patients need it most. 

The emergency department at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was built in the 1970s to accommodate 50,000 patients annually.

Now clinicians are treating more than 100,000 patients per year— many with complex conditions and care needs.

The organisation decided to invest in a new, £27m Urgent and Emergency Care Development to address those changing needs and to create a more efficient and quality-focused patient experience.

As part of the process, they needed to implement new workstations.

“With changing requirements in healthcare, limits on a clinician’s time, and pressures on workforce, we need to work more efficiently and closer with our patients,” said Anthony Kenny, the site’s programme director.

In the current emergency department, clinicians roll mobile medical carts between rooms or return to a central desk space to complete electronic patient records (EPR).

This creates extra steps for clinicians and reduces time spent with patients.

With the new design, they needed a workstation that could:

  • Support efficient documentation within the clinical bays
  • Comply with infection prevention control standards
  • Easily move to face the patient or stow when not in use
  • Accommodate paper notes and a keyboard to update the EPR

Chesterfield Royal Hospital clinicians tested multiple wall workstations, and the response was overwhelmingly positive for Ergotron’s CareFit Combo System with Worksurface.

They gave the wall workstation high marks for its ergonomic design, cleanability and easy manoeuvrability.

Clinicians noted how they wouldn’t have to wait for a mobile workstation or leave the clinical space to order tests or complete documentation.

The modern design also complemented the new aesthetic.

“The equipment looks robust and professional,” Kenny said.

“It adds an air of quality to the new build that is not common among NHS departments.”

Hospital leadership also called out CareFit Combo System’s durability to withstand the high traffic care area and the flexibility to meet the unique ergonomic needs of each user.

“The flexibility they offer in position and height is fantastic while maintaining their robustness at the core.

“CareFit Combo System looks and feels high-quality and well-designed—so rare in NHS!” said Katherine Lendrum, MD, emergency department clinical lead.

Now with CareFit Combo System in place throughout the new Urgent and Emergency Care Development, clinicians at Chesterfield Royal Hospital are ready to provide quality and efficient care when patients need it most.

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