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Drive to find health tech startups of tomorrow

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Digital health and wellness firm Kilo Health has launched an initiative aimed at unearthing new health tech startups and entrepreneurs.

The group, which develops health and wellness platforms and has 4m+ paying users, largely in the US, has created the Co-found initiative.

Its aim is to help would-be entrepreneurs to build health tech start-ups quickly, utilising Kilo’s marketing and technology capacity; and avoiding the financial risks of leaving employment to go it alone.

Co-founder and CEO Tadas Burgaila says: “We have an abundance of ideas. That’s why we’ve started the Co-found initiative aimed at attracting entrepreneurial talents.

“We are looking for people to take the helm of our in-house start-ups and develop ideas into products.

“Since many of the best talents already have well-paying jobs, mortgages and families it is difficult for them to give up these comfortable positions and dive into the financial uncertainty of starting their own businesses.

“Therefore, we offer a salary equal to the one a talented person receives now and significant share options in a particular business start-up she or he will run.”

Kilo Health has created a variety of products related to health, wellness, fitness and innovation; specialising in innovations that “make health and wellness reachable for everyone”.

Read more about the Co-found initiative here.

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