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Innovative Boston Scientific digital solutions improve health care access in remote locations



The medical team at Panorama Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. Image: Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific is enhancing cardiac care access in remote locations with an innovative digital solution. This technology empowers physicians to connect with Boston Scientific technical experts in real-time, regardless of geographical limitations.

The solution connects doctors with peers or biomedical engineers located thousands of kilometers away. This real-time support proves invaluable during critical procedures.

Regardless of location, physicians can seamlessly transmit crucial patient data and receive immediate guidance from Boston Scientific experts. It also provides increased accessibility for patients, allowing more people to receive care irrespective of where they are.

Bridging the distance with satellite connection in the Azores archipelago

The solution’s effectiveness is exemplified by a recent collaboration with Ponta Delgada Hospital located on the smallest island in the Azores archipelago. Leveraging satellite connectivity, a local medical team successfully collaborated with a Boston Scientific biomedical engineer stationed 2,500 kilometers away in Barcelona. This remote support eliminated the need for a potentially risky patient transfer to a larger island during challenging weather conditions, enabling efficient treatment closer to home.

“This technology offers physicians immediate access to high-end technical expertise to support them in streamlining the patient experience by reducing travel and optimizing hospital resources, paving the way for a more efficient, greener, and sustainable healthcare system,” said Duong TU, director of Digital Health at Boston Scientific Rhythm Management EMEA.

Ensuring support during power outages in South Africa

The solution developed by Boston Scientific is not only designed to overcome potential geographical boundaries but also addresses disruptions faced in regions with unreliable power grids, such as South Africa. In this country, the RhythmCARE team leveraged alternative solutions to ensure uninterrupted care during a power outage. This enabled Dr. Razeen Gopal, electrophysiologist and director of the Cape Town AF Center, to flawlessly perform a cardiac procedure with real-time assistance from a remotely located Boston Scientific expert.

Dr. Razeen Gopal, highlights the impact: “The remote learning and teaching capabilities of the system in real time will be instrumental for future skills transfer in the medical industry.”

The Boston Scientific solution represents a significant advancement in cardiac care. As the technology continues to advance, we can anticipate to see a further increase in the adoption of digital solutions fostering a future where location no longer hinders access to life-saving treatments.

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