Developer of medical technology for the aviation industry eyes growth



MIME Technologies CEO Anne Roberts

A company developing medical technology to support the aviation industry has secured a six-figure funding package. Health Tech World has spoken to the firm’s CEO about its intention to enter new markets.

MIME Technologies, a spin-out from the University of Aberdeen, has received £248,000 in funding from the Scottish Government to help deliver technology that supports non-medical professionals during first response situations in environments which are remote from immediate medical care.

Initially focused on the aviation industry, MIME Technologies’ system communicates detailed on-scene emergency data, such as the symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, to professional medical services using secure cloud technology.

The company has said that allowing aviation medical providers to see this on-scene data ensures they can make informed decisions about the passenger’s need for immediate medical attention, supporting inflight diversion decisions and ensuring that the handover into medical care is seamless.

CEO Anne Roberts said: “A cabin crew have a duty of care to respond to a medical emergency, whilst there is no medical assistance.

“The challenge is that the medics don’t get a clear picture of what’s happening to the person’s body. We have a piece of technology that helps to guide cabin crew during any medical emergency. So, the first thing that we do is help them with their basic first aid and guiding and prompting them in relation to emergency care.

“We can also monitor the body using one of the sensors, recording that information and sharing it with clinicians who are on the ground using a secure cloud-based set up. That allows the clinicians or medics to help make decisions around diverting the aircraft.”

The recent award of funding from the competitive Early-Stage Growth Challenge Fund, delivered by Scottish Enterprise on behalf of the Scottish Government, offers support to early-stage, innovative, high- growth companies which have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roberts added: “There are two elements to the funding that we have had. The first is to continue developing the product in the aviation market and supporting us during that core COVID period.

“But also, the funds were to accelerate growth into new market spaces. One of those pieces that we identified was the maritime market, merchant shipping and luxury yachts for example, where instead of maybe being hours away from land, you are often days away.

“So, the funding has really helped us throughout the year to continue our high growth programme work but also to create new job opportunities.”

Roberts also touched on the company’s plans for further growth.

“We want to be the go-to product for remote medical emergencies within aviation, business aviation, commercial aviation, and in maritime and other relevant markets.

“Our focus is turning to the US where we have a large opportunity in markets there, as well as further afield with Middle Eastern and Eastern European opportunities. We have got an exciting regulatory pathway in terms of which countries we will fail into globally, but we have also got an exciting technology pathway.

“We want to continue to enhance and develop the product. We are looking at functionality in relation to communicable diseases at the moment, not just COVID-19 but ebola, malaria, etc.  Communicable disease functionality and new functionality in the product is something that we’re really delighted to be working on in 2021.”

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