System C relaunches CareFlow EPR



System C has announced the launch of its new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution which was first unveiled at its inaugural health and care conference last month. 

The new-look CareFlow EPR is now a fully integrated patient record solution that combines patient administration, clinical operations, maternity and neonatal capability, pharmacy and prescribing.  

CareFlow EPR integrates cutting-edge functionality, spanning the entire patient  journey.

Powered by a cloud-first, mobile-enabled and AI-ready architecture, it ensures that critical data is securely and conveniently accessible to the right care professionals at the right time and place, allowing them to navigate every step of the patient’s journey.

Users will  gain access to functionality more rapidly and upgrade paths will be seamless, keeping  precious resources focused on patient care.  

System C CEO, Nick Wilson, said: “We’re fully focused on helping health and social care achieve its digital maturity ambitions  and delivering the productivity gains needed to ensure a sustainable future.

“Our focus on the UK ensures that we not only support all statutory reporting requirements but also actively support the delivery of clinical excellence.” 

New workflows and mobile capability built into the EPR support easier multi-disciplinary collaboration across clinical and administrative processes, and enable safer, more efficient care at the bedside. 

A single patient view 

Beyond the hospital walls, System C has closed the loop between population health and direct care to help reduce waiting times, with a single patient view providing access to GP and social care data from within CareFlow EPR.

Similarly, patient data recorded in CareFlow EPR can be accessed from within other integrated systems, making the single patient view a  reality across care settings. 

Usability refinements will also improve the experience for over 700,000 users across the NHS and social care services.

An enhanced user interface and experience offers a  significantly improved, cohesive look and feel across all capabilities to drive user adoption and make the system easier to use.

Following feedback from users, over 120 documents have been built into the application, providing a comprehensive suite of forms that can be taken straight into clinical operations. 

Accelerating time-to-value 

Recognising that technological advancements alone cannot achieve digital transformation ambitions and productivity benefits, System C has developed a rapid deployment programme to support clinical adoption, accelerating time-to-value and ensuring customers can benefit from the improvements as soon as possible. 

Wilson said: “We also know through our proven track record that when it comes to deploying or replacing patient record solutions, one size does not fit all.

“As demonstrated in our recent whitepaper on digital maturity, transformation is more about  people, process and cultural change than it is technology.  

“We’ve invested heavily in the improvements to CareFlow EPR, placing users at the core. 

“The revamped user experience offers a fresh and consistent look and feel throughout, offering up more patient data in a way that drives easier and quicker decision making, and ultimately delivers improved outcomes for patients

“System C is uniquely placed to join up health and social care, and as a result, digital  maturity for our users is closer than it has ever been. 

“People and purpose are at the heart of the way we deploy our software, and we’ve used this approach to prioritise the improvements made.

The new CareFlow EPR will provide  more closed-loop capabilities aligned with the requirements of HIMSS level 7 eligibility, and  our AI capabilities will revolutionise clinical workflows. 

The rollout to System C customers is expected to start from mid-July. 

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