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Deals flurry creates mental health giant with global ambitions

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A new tech-driven mental health business has been created out of the acquisition of three UK rising stars in the sector and an established Danish firm.

Onebright brings together UK mental health-focused businesses CBT Clinics, Efficacy and Moving Minds via investment from EMK Capital.

A fourth firm, the Danish mental health provider Prescriba, has also been acquired. Prescriba supports private medical insurance providers and operates with around 100 staff, providing outpatient mental healthcare through a network of clinicians.

Onebright aims to deliver personalised and on-demand mental healthcare for employees and their families around the world; investing in clinical expertise and technology solutions to deliver a complete mental healthcare service and superior outcomes at scale.

The company supports private medical insurers, global companies, occupational health teams, group income protection providers, healthcare professionals and individuals.

It plans to further extend its mental healthcare offering across the world through further acquisitions and organic growth.

It currently cares for more than 60,000 patients per year and counts more than 200 businesses as clients.

It is now the fastest growing provider of private outpatient mental health services across the continuum of care, and the largest in the UK and Denmark for outpatient referrals.

It has a network of more than 3,000 clinicians operating from around 2,000 locations in the UK covering the full range of psychological therapies, complemented by an advanced and highly scalable technology platform that is designed and resourced to support continuous innovation.

As the mental health needs of the global population grow, Onebright is investing in cutting edge digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence, to accurately assess, triage and match people with the best clinicians and treatments, to help personalise therapy so it is more effective, and to help people feel better, quicker.

Onebright is introducing new tools and creating a leading platform to partner clinicians in their private practice, supporting them with specialised training, supervision, and leading technology to help them flourish in their private practice and deliver the best possible care for individuals.

Dean Webb, CEO of Onebright, said: “We are on a journey to become the leader in mental healthcare worldwide, and to set new standards in a sector that is fragmented and traditional in its approach.

“Bringing together three leading mental health companies and our first international acquisition in Prescriba, will allow us to grow a world-leading mental healthcare business, delivering personalised care with an all-encompassing goal of helping to build brighter futures for our clients, and helping clinicians to flourish in their private practice.

“The recent pandemic has increased the demand for effective mental healthcare as well as for new solutions to provide effective personalised care at scale. We are developing a data driven whole of workforce mental health solution including diagnostics, consulting, therapy, coaching and self-help.

“We believe the advancement of mental health services needs sustained investment in clinical talent and technology if effective and personalised care is to be accessible to all.”

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