Data capture platform launched to support virus fight



A new data capture platform has been launched to support the fight against COVID-19 in nursing and care homes.

Gather Care has been designed to enable care workers, care managers, clinicians and operators to identify the early warning signs of outbreaks of colds, flu, viruses and infectious outbreaks, including COVID-19.

Developed in conjunction with care providers, clinicians and industry professionals, Gather Care, which requires as little as 30 seconds input time per day, equips care homes with a system to capture and report on critical early warning signs of infectious disease.

The platform centralises the symptom data, which can then be shared anonymously with all other nursing and care homes throughout the UK. Every care home can then instantly and on a live basis compare current, historic and geographic symptom data.

Managing director Hugo Spalding said: “Care homes are inundated with data collection requirements from various regulatory bodies but receive little or no data back in return to enable them to make informed decisions on areas such as infection control.

“This leaves an alarming gap in supporting frontline care providers with concise information to help with preventative care and infection control planning.

“Gather Care has been designed with professionals working in care and developed to provide a solution that supports the entire value chain from care worker to public health bodies.

“The design is simple and easy-to-use and provides a vital source of confidential, secure data sharing across the industry at a time when infection control is at the top of the agenda for care homes and providers.”

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