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A series of COVID-19 dashboards conveying real-time information about patients and care have been developed for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by PhoenixSoft.

The dashboards provide essential information at a glance, and enable users to make decisions regarding clinical care, staffing and patient flow throughout the Trust. They are in use at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, Royal Hampshire County Hospital, in Winchester, and Andover War Memorial Hospital.

Shaun Goldsmith, pathology IT Manager at HHFT, explains: “We approached PhoenixSoft in March last year as we wanted to put something in place in preparation for the high number of cases that were anticipated. We needed a simple and accessible way of displaying where the patient samples were in the testing pathway, for our two acute site teams.”

Jason Woodard, CEO, PhoenixSoft, says: “We produced a bespoke solution, which was tested and deployed in a matter of days, free of charge to the NHS. We felt strongly that this was the best way that PhoenixSoft could support the NHS when the COVID-19 pandemic began.”

PhoenixSoft’s dashboards are displayed on large touch screens in secure site offices located within the hospitals, tracking where each patient and staff member sample is in the lab queue, and showing live results as they are processed. 

The dashboards have evolved in complexity since their initial launch and now show a live COVID-19 test turnaround time summary and includes retrospective data dating back to January 2020, providing HHFT with an accurate history of all COVID-19 testing.

Shaun explains: “We made these changes so that the site teams could estimate the time  of test results based on the dashboard output. This helped to dramatically reduce the number of phone calls to the laboratory team – freeing them up to continue their essential work.”

The Patient Dashboard provides a live overview of COVID-19 test results, detailing the number of tests being processed, pending results and those that are in transit between the Trust’s sites. 

Shaun continues: “Site teams monitor the Patient Dashboard in order to prepare wards to receive patients. The dashboards have helped to improve patient flow within our hospitals; helping us to make sure that all patients receive care in appropriate areas and wards, depending on their COVID-19 status. We also have a designated dashboard for staff tests, which helps us to ensure that staff self-isolate for the correct period of time.”

PhoenixSoft has also developed and deployed a COVID-19 Management Dashboard for Hampshire Hospitals.

Jason says: “The dashboards are very effective, simple, colour block dashboards that give an instant snapshot of throughput in the laboratory. We developed the Management Dashboard to support the trust teams to obtain data for national reporting requirements.

“We also have COVID-19 dashboards running at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust which are a little different as we have tailored the dashboards to be site-specific.”

The dashboards demonstrate the benefits of being able to access the data in a pathology Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Both Trusts use PhoenixSoft’s Data Companion product to access their LIMS data. The dashboards provide a simple means of viewing the data in a way that is accessible for a variety of users.

PhoenixSoft’s Data Companion solution provides bulk data extraction and real time update of pathology data into an accessible industry standard database. The real time data extraction provided by Data Companion supports the live dashboards and up to date statistics. 

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