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CliniSys Group creates single brand for UK and Europe

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New identity for CliniSys and MIPS is launched with refreshed logo and updated website. Move reflects 40-year history of delivering industry-leading, end-to-end solutions for customers paired with a commitment to future innovation.

CliniSys Group has created a single brand for its businesses in the UK and Europe, with a refreshed logo and a new website.

The move creates a unified identity for CliniSys in the UK and MIPS on the continent and underlines the group’s commitment to providing end-to-end diagnostic systems to support safe and effective healthcare systems today and to drive medical innovation in the future.

Chair and chief executive Michael Simpson said: “The CliniSys Group is the largest diagnostic laboratory IT vendor in Europe. Our combined cross-discipline expertise, spanning more than 40 years, provides our customers with solutions that span the diagnostic journey.

“We have reached this position by following our core values: customer, promises, simplicity and teamwork – a commitment to providing customers with the best possible products, services and support. From late March, we have a new look but our values remain steadfast, and we look forward to continuing to care for our customers while working with them on the innovative solutions that we will all need for the future.”

In the UK, CliniSys is known for its laboratory information management system which is installed in over 50 per cent of NHS pathology laboratories. Tests for more than 40 million patients are processed on its order communications system every year with over 70 per cent of NHS acute trusts using ICE for GP electronic requesting.

In October 2015, CliniSys was acquired by Roper Technologies and this has enabled it to add systems from complementary suppliers, such as Sunquest Information Systems and Data Innovations.

This has enabled CliniSys to offer its UK customers industry-leading, end-to-end solutions, and to think creatively about meeting the needs of pathology networks, integrated care systems, and the coming world of precision medicine.

The CliniSys name is being retained in the UK, although the logo has been refreshed. Richard Craven, CliniSys chief executive, said: “Increasingly, CliniSys and MIPS have been working more collaboratively, launching common products such as our genomics solution and developing our cloud architecture and strategy.

“We have been one company for many years, and we felt now is the right time to bring our 40 year pedigree, track record and product proposition of the CliniSys Group together in one place and under one brand.”

In Europe, MIPS is best known for its general laboratory information management system or GLIMS. This is the most widely used LIMS on the continent, where it is relied on by 15,000 people operating in 17 countries and ten languages.

MIPS also has a history of innovation. It has developed GLIMS Genomics as a LIMS to meet the needs of new, high-tech genetics laboratories, and seen it successfully deployed in Poitiers University Hospital.

CliniSys recently brought GLIMS Genomics to the UK, which is developing its own network of genomic laboratory hubs.

CliniSys | MIPS will be the new brand for MIPS across Europe.

Alongside its new identity, CliniSys has launched a new website with information about its products, case studies highlighting the great work being done by its customers, and blogs about the development of pathology and diagnostic laboratory IT.

The website is at: www.clinisysgroup.com. There are no changes to the group’s contracts, support services, product roadmap or release schedule.

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