Check Point Software wins NHS Scotland contract



Provider of cyber-security services Check Point Software Technologies has been appointed by NHS Scotland to secure and streamline the management of its public cloud data.

NHS Scotland’s cloud infrastructure powers the country’s Test and Protect services, which has over a million users, as well as the Protect Scotland proximity app.

Check Point will provide complete threat prevention for these public services, as well as for NHS Scotland’s vaccine management system.

Deryck Mitchelson, chief information security officer at NHS Scotland, said: “Check Point’s CloudGuard has been key in enabling us to add new cloud workloads and services without needing to constantly review or deploy new security infrastructure.

“This means we can focus on the critical public-facing tasks where we can add real value.

“Right now, we are building our vaccination management systems, and our cloud-first approach gives us the agility and scalability we need to roll it out nationally while being sure that data and services are secured.”

He added: “Health data is probably Scotland’s most valuable asset, so it’s essential that it remains absolutely secure wherever it is being stored or accessed. We now have much more visibility than we had before we implemented the Check Point solutions.

“We can really understand where the data is and who is accessing it, and ensure it is protected at every point of entry.”

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