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BIOS Health partners with NIH in ground-breaking neural data study



Neural engineering company BIOS Health has announced that its technology is moving into eight worldwide clinics to power a ground-breaking new study funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The company develops AI-driven precision medicine technology for decoding and treating the human nervous system.

The NIH is funding a $21 million clinical programme called Research Evaluating Vagal Excitation and Anatomical Links (REVEAL).

The programme take place over three years, with major partners including University of Minnesota, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University and BIOS.

The main objective will be to collect and analyse neural data from 150 patients and investigate the potential for neural therapies, delivered electrically by pacemaker-sized devices on the vagus nerve.

The therapies would treat a wide range of chronic diseases including heart failure, epilepsy, arthritis, respiratory conditions and many more.

BIOS Health CEO, Emil Hewage, said:

“This will be the largest ever single clinical study of human neural data.

“We have partnered with world-class clinical and industrial organisations and BIOS will be instrumental in the success of the project – this is a major validation of BIOS’ platform and allows our technology to become the foundation of a next wave of precision neural medicines.”

BIOS’ neural biomarker analysis capabilities are similar to the sequencing technologies used to analyse the genome but designed to capture and decode the complex signals found in human nerves.

BIOS’ AI-driven software will be used to investigate the critical knowledge gaps in Vagus Nerve physiology and optimise new therapies in the cardiovascular, immune, metabolic and autonomic nervous systems.

The team behind the study hope their research will have a similar impact on the field of medicines for human chronic disease as the Human Genome studies have had on treatments for cancer and rare disease.

John Osborn, Professor of Surgery and Principal Investigator for the study, University of Minnesota, said:

“The REVEAL study is a major step forward in the new field of bioelectronic medicine which has the potential to completely change the way we treat many diseases related to the nervous system.

“We are excited about our partnership with BIOS Health and their AI software platform, which will enable us to rapidly translate masses of data and results from the REVEAL study into novel therapies for a variety of conditions from heart failure to epilepsy.”

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