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Google and Bayer bring AI-powered healthcare to radiologists



A new innovation platform aims to help organisations build AI-powered apps that assist radiologists, reducing burnout and supporting more efficient diagnoses.

Bayer, a life-science company with over 100 years experience in radiology products, has now teamed up with Google to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to support radiologists and better serve patients.

As part of the collaboration, Bayer will further develop its innovation platform to accelerate the development and deployment of AI-powered healthcare applications with a clear focus on radiology, using Google Cloud’s technology, including its generative AI (gen AI) tools.

The collaboration aims to help organisations overcome many of the challenges to building scalable and compliant AI-powered medical imaging software products using leading data security capabilities, and accelerate the development of potentially groundbreaking and impactful solutions that benefit patients.

Medical imaging data accounts for about 90 per cent of all healthcare data, and is a highly complex and critical tool used to diagnose patients.

Billions of medical images get scanned globally each year and this number continues to grow increasing the workload for radiologists and other healthcare professionals tasked with handling and interpreting these images for clinicians and patients.

Many new supportive AI tools need to be developed and maintained to handle and analyse this enormous amount of data efficiently.

The pairing of Bayer’s radiology, healthcare regulatory, and clinical data handling expertise with Google’s technology leadership in gen AI and other fields is said to have the potential to significantly impact the healthcare ecosystem, by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and accelerating the pace of innovation.

The expanded collaboration on the new innovation platform builds upon the long-standing partnership between Bayer and Google Cloud across a wide range of technologies and efforts, including accelerating drug discovery and supporting patient diagnosis. Bayer and Google Cloud are also working together to transform patient care worldwide through responsible AI adoption..

“Radiologists and other clinicians face burnout due to the sheer volume of work they face every day. Gen AI can help tackle repetitive tasks and provide insights into massive data sets, saving valuable time and helping to positively impact patient outcomes,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.

We look forward to our continued collaboration with Bayer as it shapes the future of diagnostics and helps its customers deliver insights to patients with greater accuracy and speed.

The platform is built on Google Cloud and uses tools like Vertex AI, BigQuery, Healthcare API and Chronicle, and a first version for extended testing is planned to be made available later this year in the EU and US.

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