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AI tool that detects bone lesions made available to NHS

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French company AZmed aims to expand into the UK market through a new partnership with connected healthcare specialist Wellbeing Software.

Through the collaboration, AZmed’s Rayvolve AI solution will be offered to hospitals and NHS Trusts allowing for the reduction of image interpretation time and medical errors when investigating bone lesions.

Rayvolve is a computer-aided diagnosis tool that automates fracture X-ray diagnostics using deep learning algorithms. The tool is able spot any bone lesion, on any part of the body, in less than a second.

Once a patient has undergone an X-ray exam, Rayvolve analyses it and spots the regions of interest. Although the doctor makes the final diagnosis, the software is able to help them in their decision-making.

The tool is integrated into hospitals’ existing radiology workflows using Wellbeing’s AI Connect gateway, which can be used to embed algorithms into any RIS or PACS. AZmed hopes this will optimise and accelerate the rate of adoption.

Speaking to Health Tech World, CEO of AZmed, Julien Vidal, said: “Rayvolve is fully integrated into doctors’ workflow, making the product easy to use, without requiring any change in their work habits. This allows doctors to reduce medical errors and save a precious amount of time, to focus on what matters: the patient.”

AZmed says its Rayvolve tool delivers a 36% reduction in image interpretation time and reduces the number of diagnostic errors by 20%, allowing radiologists to focus on more complex diagnoses.

Wellbeing’s AI Connected Marketplace is installed in 81% of the UK’s NHS trusts, all of which are able to access the product.

Vidal said: “The number of medical imaging requests has doubled in the last ten years, whilst the number of specialists has marginally increased during the same period. With Rayvolve, doctors can analyse images faster, as well as reduce the risk of medical errors. We are delighted to be working with Wellbeing to be able to offer our solution to NHS providers.”

AZmed currently has partnerships with around 50 radiology centres, clinics and public hospitals in France and Europe. In the next 12 months, the company says it aims to multiply its partnerships with healthcare institutions in Europe and expand into at least five new countries. It is also working on the FDA certification to allow expansion into the US.

Since its acquisition by Australian company, The Citadel Group, Wellbeing Software says there is potential for expansion of its AI connect tool into Australia.

Chris Yeowart, director at Wellbeing Software said: “The obvious place to expand is Australia.  However, on the basis that AI Connect is totally vendor neutral, there is nothing technical which prevents us from deploying in other countries too.”

With radiology departments struggling to meet the fast-growing demand for complex imaging, AZmed says it is vital that they have access to solutions that can help streamline processes.

Yeowart said: “There are more than 1.96 million X-ray imaging tests carried out every month in the NHS, and the demand for imaging services far exceeds the number of radiologists.

“Through our expanding network of AI partners, we are able to offer a broad range of algorithms to enhance clinical decision-making and optimise radiology workflows, without interrupting existing services. AZmed offers extensive experience in bone radiography and we look forward to introducing them to the market over the coming months.”

AZmed is one of only a few companies in the world that has been granted CE-marked medical device certification for deep learning radiology software. They are the latest vendor to join Wellbeing’s AI Connect Marketplace, which offers a vendor-neutral catalogue of algorithms ready to embed into radiology workflows.

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