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Agetech accelerator winner

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YOURmeds, a solution designed to increase patient adherence and compliance to over 80%, has won an innovation award through an agetech accelerator.

The firm has won an award through SEAS2GROW – an EU Funded project carried out by nine partners: academics, living labs, care organisations, regional authorities and cluster organisations from four countries (France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands).

The AgeTech accelerator programme seeks to leverage innovative agetech products that allow the over-60s to continue to live independently for as long as possible. The accelerator invited companies to bid for support, which includes co-creation and testing products in key European markets.

Over the four-year life of the accelerator, 140 companies applied, of which 34 were selected. SEAS2Grow focused on four key areas: Social relevance and impact, originality of the innovation, real life impact of the product and cross border scale up.

YOURmeds – a smart medication management system – is one of the five award winning products chosen from the 34 that had been selected. With the emphasis on real world impact the EU kitemark will provide assurance to local authorities, senior advisors and health institutions of the benefits YOURmeds can bring.

SEAS2Grow-partners gave feedback after the accelerator services were delivered: “We see both in the real-life test as in the human factor studies that this smart medicine box works easily. Most elderly people indicate that it is user friendly, easy to understand and can really help them not to forget their medicines. The fact that you can take it along during a day out was also well appreciated. Home care organizations see an important advantage in not having to visit their clients solely for checking the medication intake and can monitor this on a distance. Pharmacists as well told that the portal to monitor the medication intake of their clients is very clear and that the product is innovative.”

By winning this award, YOURmeds guarantees its place at the Ageing Fit event, as well as publicity and visibility at the AgeTech Acclerator International event taking place from the 26 – 27 January 2021, providing a great forum to pitch YOURmeds to new customers.

Instrumental in helping YOURmeds to secure this award, Ton Klumpers has officially joined the business as director of European Partnerships. Klumpers has a wealth of experience in supporting the growth of businesses across Europe telecare and telehealth, having previously held position as Managing Director for Tunstall Healthcare in Holland and Belgium

Dr Nitin Parekh, YOURmeds managing director said: “We’re delighted to have won this prestigious award recognising how our technology can enable the Silver Economy to remain independent. It identifies the vital role YOURmeds can play in patient medicine adherence and compliance, providing patients with a better quality of life whilst helping to reduce costs for those providing care in the community. We hope that the AgeTech Accelerator International will open new doors for YOURmeds across Europe.

“Ton has been a key partner helping the business achieve this award and we’re delighted to be able to welcome him into the business on a permanent basis. Ton’s experience is second to none and we hope that Ton, paired with this award will support our strategic growth strategy across the EU.”

YOURmeds helps to tackles the issues surrounding medicine adherence and compliance. The device alerts patients and care providers when they haven’t taken their medicine and will also provide emergency alerts should a patient try to overdose.

Data  suggests that YOURMeds improves medicine compliance from 50% to over 80% helping to reduce the impact failure to take medicine correctly can have.

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