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The benefits of providing your employees with a healthcare package



Healthcare package

The fight for top talent has never been a more pressing concern for employees and the top factors the best employees look for in a job are not only related to salary but mental and physical health too.

Company healthcare services are a valuable addition to an employee benefits package for both the employee and employer.

Indeed, surveys have found that one in three employees actively want healthcare as a benefit, just behind flexible working and a pension scheme.

With the cost-of-living crisis on everyone’s minds and the NHS still struggling to cope with the backlog caused by the pandemic, it would appear healthcare is fresh in the minds of us all.

So, including a healthcare package as part of your employee incentive program could be a great way to attract and keep the best talent.

Healthcare schemes can be expensive, which is why you may consider a small business loan to help you start the process, but it’s certainly worth considering for even businesses that are just getting off the ground.

Why? Let’s elaborate.

Improve the well-being of your employees

Better management of physical and mental health can dramatically improve productivity and overall performance.

Healthier employees are going to be more switched-on and focused with energy to spare and will not only give you more of themselves but will be happy to do so too.

Some options here could include anything from discounted gym memberships to hiring health consultants and coaches and access to an online informational hub.

All little things that, when added up, create a full and enticing healthcare program.

Improve employee retention

Offering employees benefits that they are unlikely to find elsewhere will make them want to stay in the company and will feel more appreciated. It can also attract potential candidates when new roles become available.

While benefits such as salary incentives and flexible working hours are sure to win many favours, an employee healthcare package could be the final thing that tips the balance and keeps hold of the talent you really want in your corner.

Reduce absences

With better healthcare, employees are less likely to fall ill and have time off work.

Also, allowing them access to private healthcare means they are more likely to get seen by a doctor faster and that means less time off work and sick pay.

The average employee takes around six days off sick every year which costs businesses thousands. If you can reduce that by even a few days a year, per employee, the extra healthcare will pay for itself.

Additional support and options

The employees that are allowed access to private healthcare could also have those plans extended to their family members and this will cover treatment not necessarily covered by the NHS.

You might also have access to experts that can help build and maintain your wellbeing strategy and offer tips and advice when needed.

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