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A note for Alex, the Ukrainian health tech leader

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Back in November I had the honour of being interviewed by digital health leader Alex Koshykov, on his BeKey YouTube Channel.

As a Ukrainian, he now faces the terror of war – and as I write this, he is hunkered down in his basement with fighting nearing his house.

I am hopeful that our plans for a face-to-face update on the interview in Ukraine this September will go ahead.

Calls for peace grow ever louder amid universal recognition that hostile conflict almost always leads to mutual suffering and pain.

This is a dark and worrying chapter for global stability, and these are no doubt terrifying times for the people of Ukraine whose lives have been thrust into a warzone.

I believe, however, that Alex, his family and colleagues, will soon begin to rebuild their lives; and I greatly look forward to re-connecting over our common interest of health communication.

For now I hope @Alex Koshykov knows that we in the international health tech community are thinking of him and his loved ones.

And I urge everyone to check out his platform and our wide-ranging interview below.

Gil Bashe is a global health communicator and a correspondent for Health Tech World.

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