Revealed: The Health Tech World Top 50 Innovators of 2022



Health Tech World has announced its Top 50 health tech innovators of 2022. Here are the top picks of health tech companies who stand out for their unique innovation, outstanding tech solutions, or for simply for making the world a better place through health tech…

1 – Innovaccer | USA

Through AI innovation, Innovaccer provides a leading platform to analyse crucial health data. The Innovaccer Health Cloud unifies patient data across systems and care settings, and empowers healthcare organisations to develop scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

Innovaccer’s solutions have been deployed across more than 1,600 care settings in the U.S., enabling more than 96,000 providers to transform care delivery and work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies. Innovaccer has helped its customers unify health records for more than 39 million people and generate over $1B in cumulative cost savings


2 – NMBLR | UK

NMBLR is a ‘first-to-market’ cloud-based platform that enables global pharma teams to work cohesively across time zones in order to formulate commercial strategies to bring lifesaving drugs and therapies to patients. Some two years in development, at a cost of £millions, NMBLR provides a decision-making platform for the life science industry, enabling the right experts to work with different data and inputs all in one place.


3 – Doximity | USA

Doximity is a digital platform for medical professionals that provides verified clinical membership with digital tools built for medicine. It’s now the largest community of healthcare professionals in the US – with over 80% of doctors and 50% of all NPs and physician assistants as verified members.

Doximity’s membership has expanded to include over 80% of physicians and an increasing number of NPs, PAs, and pharmacists.


4 – Synchron | Australia

The endovascular brain computer interface, which “unlocks the natural highways of the brain. The Australian health tech firm manufactures and markets a medical device that can be delivered to the brain with a catheter to record neuron signals that might be used to control an advanced prosthetic.

Their vision is to restore lives by better understanding the neural code of the human brain.


5 – PushDoctor | UK

The UK’s first platform to provide video consultations via a smartphone. PushDoctor now has 5.8M NHS patients with free access to the service.

Appointments are possible 7 days a week, and patients can be seen quickly and easily through the app. Over 1 million appointments have also been conducted for private patients who can pay a fee and even see a doctor when a UK resident living abroad.


6 – Coala Life | Sweden

This Swedish firm offers a heart monitor system with diagnostic quality ECG and integrated stethoscope.

Their success was based on a portable device for ECG and heart/lung sound recordings, which developed into an app with smart algorithms, analysing the recordings and providing results in incredibly short timeframes. The system can detect the nine most common arrhythmias via P-wave and advanced pattern recognition-based analysis.


7 – PatientPop | USA

PatientPop is a unique, all-in-one platform that combines the online marketing of healthcare services with medical practice management.

Proven to grow practices extensively all over the country, with higher visibility ratings and a better online presence, they have stood out as a leader in its field, and a health tech success story.


8 – Verge Genomics | USA

Verge Genomics has pioneered the industry’s most advanced all-in-human AI powered drug discovery platform. They are working towards unlocking new drugs at scale for the biggest medical challenges of our time.

By using faster moving and innovative technology, Verge Genomics is working on breakthrough opportunities for Parkinson’s Disease, and Fronto-temporal Dementia, to name a few.


9 – Fourier Intelligence | Singapore & China

As one of the most recent names to enter the rehab robotics market, Fourier Intelligence is now one of the global leaders with the creation of a range of pioneering robotic rehab equipment to support patients with a host of neurological conditions.

Expanding rapidly across the world, unicorn Fourier Intelligence works in collaboration with many of the fellow leading lights in rehab tech – from the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago to University of Melbourne – and last year became the first business in the sector to attract backing from a major global investor, with Saudi Aramco committing significant support.

That was followed soon after by a further funding round led by SoftBank, setting up Fourier Intelligence for further global growth.


10 – Stablepharma | UK

Another leader in medical health tech – Stablepharma are developing ‘fridge-free’ vaccines with the aim of eliminating the coal chain. A disruptive platform technology known as StablevaX aims to eliminate the need for the chain, thus reducing the large amounts of vaccine wastage currently produced.

Their mission could lead to saved lives as a result of better immunisation.


11 – Unmind | UK

Unmind is a workplace mental health platform which has helped transform the way employers approach mental health in the workplace. Its aim is to empower employees to live more fulfilling and balanced lives by changing the way organisations think about health and wellbeing.

Unmind is now a trusted partner to some of the UK’s largest employers, such as British Airways and Just Eat. UK firm has made its mark though its clinically-backed digital tools, and is a UK leader in the mental health tech space.


12 – Advanced Human Imaging | Australia

Innovative Australian firm Advanced Human Imaging uses smartphone-based scanning technology for skin disease detection as well as unlocking cardiovascular health and flagging up health risks. The diverse range of data-driven applications has been rolled out to high-end wellness and digital health countries around the country.

Their AHI human scanning technology has come on leaps and bounds in improving healthcare in Australia.


13 – HealX | UK

This Cambridge company is pioneering the next generation of drug discovery through artificial intelligence. They are dedicated to AI drug discovery, in order to develop treatment for rare diseases.

On top of their advanced tech solutions, HealX seeks opportunities to meaningfully support sufferers and their families – from developing treatments, to volunteering with patient groups, to championing and engaging with the broader community.


14 – AMBOSS | Germany

AMBOSS is a breakthrough medical learning platform dedicated to helping future physicians succeed on their USMLE exams. Founded by doctors, for doctors in 2012, they have created a digital medical resource that single-handedly supports students in the classroom – as well as further down the line as a clinician.

In the last 10 years, their innovative platform has resulted in more than a million healthcare professionals in over 180 countries.


15 – DigiME | Turkey

Turkish startup DigiME offers an AI-powered, 3D body analysis which creates accurate and impeccably fast body models, based on advanced scanning technology.

The ability to scan so effectively has allowed DigiME to become a leader in scanning, with remarkable results based on body fat ratio, calorie intake, and a detailed segmental analysis. Your BMR and BMI can be assessed and fed back in seconds, as well as posture analysis which can aid and prevent various health issues.


16 – Sano Genetics | UK

This Cambridge company allows people to upload DNA data to explore personal DNA reports on health, traits and genetic conditions. Their mission is to connect people with research opportunities which can define the future of personalised medicine.

They provide genetic sequencing results and open up susceptibility to things like flu, cold, hair greying and even nail biting, with some research allowing clients to get an important insight into possible illnesses.


17 – Innokas Medical  | Finland

Specialising in medical technology and healthcare digitalisation, Innokas Medical is one of the Nordic industry leaders in its field.

With the healthcare technology sector growing at a large scale, they work towards producing tech services with a “common mission to improve people’s lives” –  by crafting health tech and tech ideas into reality. Their success in health tech has led them to opening offices in the Oulu and Helsinki region in Finland, and in Tallinn, Estonia.


18 – Forth | UK

Forth was founded in 2016 by Sarah Bolt with the ambition to help people reach their full potential in life by being in the best of health.

Since that time, Forth has turned its focus onto women’s health, helping to close the gender health gap by empowering women to become experts on their own body through scientific knowledge and understanding. In 2021 the company launched its ground-breaking product MyFORM.

MyFORM tackles the inadequacy of current single day hormone testing for women which gives little clinical insight into how a woman’s sex hormones are fluctuating.

These hormones are a key barometer of a woman’s health as well as reproduction health.  MyFORM is the first product in the world to use a combination of blood testing and AI to predict if a woman’s hormones are moving in the correct pattern across the entire length of a woman’s unique cycle.


19 – iRhythm | USA

The makers of Zio, iRhythm is effectively redefining the way cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed. By combining wearable bio-sensing technology with cloud-based data analytics and machine-learning capabilities, they have made their mark as a leader in their field.

With superior clinical accuracy and exceptional patient experience, the American company has received NICE backing, and are now in the spotlight as experts in patient care.


20 – Flow Neuroscience | Sweden

Swedish leaders Flow Neuroscience are known locally as the first and only drug-free, medically approved at-home treatment for depression of its kind. Not just in Sweden but in the whole of Europe.

Created by experts, and recommended by doctors, the popularity of their brain stimulation headset and therapy app has grown steadily over the last few years, as they become the go-to innovators for medication-free depression treatment.


21 – Wysa | India & UK

As previously reported on Health Tech World, Wysa is a leading AI therapist which specialises in CBT, and has made huge steps towards virtual mental health care.

The “emotionally intelligent” bot, in the shape of a penguin, is being trialled on the NHS and is paving the way for artificial intelligence as effective therapy.  So far it has been  integrated into Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust services, with a £1m RCT trial being run at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


22 – Latch Aid | UK

LatchAid is simply groundbreaking with its breastfeeding and early parenthood support application, and has gained more than 7000 users across 94 countries.

Early results show that mothers who are using the app are far more likely to continue breastfeeding for longer. A six-month NHS trial found that, amongst the 271 UK-based survey respondents using the app, 49% were exclusively breastfeeding at 6-8 weeks, compared to a national average of 24%.

LatchAid’s pioneering app uses cutting-edge 3D interactive technology and 3D avatars to help new mothers intuitively learn breastfeeding skills. The app also connects breastfeeding mothers to virtual networks to provide close-knit peer-to-peer support groups.


23 – Prospection | Australia

Another success story from down under – Prospection is mapping treatment and patients’ journeys through an analytics program which has put them in the spotlight in Australian health tech.

But it doesn’t stop in Oz. Their indispensable data insights are able to inform decisions to measurably improve health outcomes across Japan, Asia Pacific, UK and USA.

The company aims to “improve health outcomes by enabling evidence-based decisions”, and they use real world data to generate actionable patient-centric insights, to find misdiagnosed or under-treated patients.


24 – Mira Care  | USA

Fertility tracking technology like never before – Mira has the tech to track key fertility hormones and offers pinpoint ovulation, with numerical results and scores. The American company claims to have a 99% accuracy rate with Mira, which tracks the Luteinizing Hormone alongside Estrogen to give highly accurate information to the user.

People using Mira have been able to plan for the future with accurate knowledge, manage irregular cycles and PCOS, and can safely monitor hormone levels for fertility treatments such as IVF and IUI.


25 – MediBuddy | India & UK

Mobile app provider MediBuddy offers online doctor consultations with other services. Users can find healthcare providers through this online platform and communicate their treatments.

By aiding with online rankings and SEO, Medibuddy’s medical education initiative aims to make life easier for junior doctors applying for their training posts. They also offer internal medicine training and are helping young,m budding medics to prepare for interviews.


26 – Clementine App | UK

The mindset company with a bold mission to ‘create a world where every woman can do anything she puts her mind to’.

Their award-winning hypnotherapy app transforms mindsets from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ by making hypnotherapy more accessible, with sessions that slot into existing daily routines at a fraction of the cost of seeing a therapist.

Clementine created the world’s first ‘mind powered walking club’ with Bugaboo. Mind-powered train travel with Avanti West Coast, a soon to be released ritual with the UK’s largest health and beauty retailer No7 to disrupt the skincare and beauty category.

They have been awarded a place (from over 250 startups) to join the highly regarded GSK/ Haleon Rewire Health Studio to further explore partnership and branding opportunities.

27 – YNMODATA | Saudi Arabia

YNMODATA offers care management solutions for special needs patients, and assists in treatment plan management, monitoring data, report generation, and team communication.

With their popular web-based platform, they can help healthcare professionals to monitor patients’ performance, review health charts, and provide digital endgame tools for education & discussion.


28 – Buck Institute | USA

The Buck Institute is the world’s first biomedical research institution devoted solely to research on ageing.

Their mission, as they put it, is to “end the threat” of age-related disease for this and future generations They are working to make it possible for people to enjoy their lives at 95 as much as they do at 25, and to achieve that, we’re seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the biology of ageing itself.


29 – Beddit | Finland

With automatic and accurate tracking, Beddit is a leader in sleep technology, and was one of the first to launch in Finland. Its popularity and success grew so rapidly that Apple bought them in 2017, and it remains a frontline app for sleep health.

And no, it’s not a wearable. With no wrist strap necessary, Beddit technology means you can hide the device under your sheet, and just fall asleep. This unique innovation has not surprisingly led to Beddit being famous around the world, not just in its Finnish homeland.


30 – Synopsys AI | UK

Synopsys has been growing for the past three decades and now employs over 16,000 people to assist with their mission – to change the way people work and play through smart tech.

Synopsys technology is at the heart of innovations such as self-driving cars, and medicine, making them a leading health tech innovation among other things. Using high-performance silicon chips, they are  exponentially growing amounts of software content.

It’s safe to say they are now at the forefront of smart tech –  with the world’s most advanced technologies for chip design, verification, IP integration, and software security and quality testing.


31 – Big Health  | USA

Big Health has made its mark in the mental health industry through successful apps which help with sleep and anxiety. As the makers of Sleepio and Daylight apps, they aim to use  digital therapeutics as safe and effective non-drug options for mental health.

Sleepio helped 76% of patients achieve clinical improvement in insomnia, and in the world’s first placebo-controlled trial for a digital therapeutic, the app was shown to be significantly more effective than the placebo.


32 – Genflow Biosciences | UK

Genflow Biosciences is a UK-based biotech company working to deliver therapeutics that slow or halt the ageing process in humans and dogs.In January, Genflow became the first-ever longevity company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company is preparing to trials its candidate GF-1002 in patients with Werner syndrome. It is also collaborating with the University of Rochester’s Ageing Research Centre to assess the potential of SIRT6 gene therapy in reversing the ageing process in liver tissue.


33 – PinPoint | UK

Pinpoint is a family-run business founded in 1992 in Leven, Scotland.  The award-winning business develops, manufactures, and instals reliable and easy-to-use safety systems for protecting staff at risk of violence and harm in the workplace.

Designed by healthcare workers to meet the specific needs of the sector, Pinpoint’s products deliver full system integration, placing it at the centre of an organisation’s security network. Found in every NHS Trust throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, Pinpoint continues to be the gold standard of staff safety systems.


34 – ONWARD | Switzerland

Backed by its years of groundbreaking research, ONWARD is now changing the lives of people living with paralysis.

With clinical trials enabling long-paralysed patients to regain the ability to regain movement and function – and its implantable ARC IM device showing its potential to enable people to regain the ability to walk, swim and cycle – ONWARD will be the first to commercialise its electrical stimulation neuro-technology with the planned launch of its first device, the ARC EX.

Its pioneering work has seen it link with other global names in spinal cord injury, including the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.


35 – Avectas | Ireland / USA

Avectas is a cell engineering technology business focused on improving the cost, manufacturing and patient outcomes for the next generation of cellular therapies.

The health tech startup is developing a unique cell engineering platform, SOLUPORE, to enable the ex-vivo manufacture of gene modified cell therapy products.


36 – Alpha Tau Medical | Israel

Alpha Tau Medical is a pioneering cancer treatment firm which focuses on R&D, and commercialisation of Alpha DaRT (Diffusing Alpha-emitters Radiation Therapy) for the treatment of solid cancer tumours. They currently have notable trials in breast cancer, oral cavity cancer, and skin cancer, and have already made huge progress with their tech solutions.

The Israeli company has been noted for their Alpha DaRT technology, which is directly inserted into a solid tumour, and can kill cancerous cells with localised precision without damaging surrounding healthy tissues.

Their work means that cancer treatment would have fewer side effects than standard therapies such as invasive surgery and radiotherapy.


37 – MedRhythms | USA

This American digital therapeutics company uses music, sensors and AI-powered software to measure and improve walking. Through next generation therapeutics they have been able to improve brain health and give more freedom to a large number of grateful patients.

Their mission, as they say, is to “positively impact the lives of those living with these deficits around the world.”

The widespread success of MedRhythms has got the attention of the likes of TechCrunch, Rolling Stone and Forbes.


38 – Acurable | UK & Spain

Acurable is on a mission to address the widespread problem of sleep apnoea, and stands out for having the first medical device to obtain the CE mark for the automated diagnosis of the condition.

This fascinating health tech company is helping to support remote healthcare by creating user-friendly, wearable medical devices intended to be used by patients at home.


39 – Birdie | UK

Birdie rose to success with its all-in-one home healthcare technology that includes care management, auditing and people & operations as part of its services.

They cover a lot of ground, such as creating digital assessments and medication schedules which enable care staff to deliver visits. Onboarding the right care staff and managing pay, as well as coordinating care with local GPs, Birdie’s dedicated services have been unsurprisingly successful in the health tech space. https://www.birdie.care/

40 – Mindpeak | Germany

German health tech firm Mindpeak creates  artificial intelligence to bring precision and speed to clinical pathology  – and to get more information out of tissue. They’ve previously made the headlines on Health Tech World for their innovative, AI-based breast cancer diagnosis tool, which can “detect, quantify and classify breast cancer cells” on digital images of tissue samples, just by using a standard computer.

Their AI solutions have been successful at identifying clinically relevant predictive biomarkers – setting standards for treatment decisions and patient stratification. They’ve been successful so far at their mission, which is to make microscopical and pathological AI-based analysis accessible for everyone in the world.


41 – 54gene | Nigeria

Successful African firm 54gene has made its mark in health tech by building diverse datasets to unlock scientific discoveries, as well as improving diagnostic and treatment outcomes within Africa and the global community.

Focused on drug discovery, molecular diagnostics and clinical programs, they are “re-imagining a world where precision medicine is equalised and everyone can live longer.”


42 – KeyZell | Spain

After 20 years with no advancement in brain cancer care, KeyZell has developed a new approach and is a pioneering biotech company in Spain and beyond.

They are heavily  focused on the discovery and development of a new generation of cancer drugs, as well as an innovative artificial intelligence system for precision oncology medicine, and have already secured a few rounds of funding.

KeyZell is currently working on several lines of research against some types of tumours, and is developing an artificial intelligence system based on blockchain technology, O.P.S (Oncology Precision System), the future of precision medicine in oncology.


43 – ComeBack Mobility | Ukraine & NYC

Comeback Mobility is a leader in rehabilitation and tracking for walking aids, with sensors for crutches, specific pads, and a mobile app to help people recover faster after leg injuries. They have expanded to supply the innovative devices for clinics, patients and doctors, and have landed in the headlines numerous times for their success in healthcare.

Founded and run by a man whose own injuries inspired him to work for the greater good, the Ukrainian, and now American firm is built on compassion and understanding, which could be another reason for its undeniable success.


44 –  XVision | Romania

XVision is a Romanian health tech startup that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help radiologists in the diagnostic process.

The company’s AI software, which is used internationally in over 60 clinics and hospitals, analyses over 26,000 chest X-rays and 10,000 lung CTs per month.

They recently made the headlines for securing a new round of € 1 million funding, making it a total of  1.5 million euros so far. The platform is operational in over 60 private hospitals and clinics and across European countries including Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.


45 – Quit Genius | USA

Quit Genius is a specialist digital clinic which tackles substance addiction via the person’s employer and workplace. The addiction navigation technology helps people identify and tackle an addiction (or combination of an addiction) and chooses the right treatment pathway – often including a medical tracking device to help track their health improvements as they get onto the path of recovery.

By including employers, Quit Genius aims to de-stigmatise addiction and make it easier for people to open up about having a problem.


46 – Digital Workforce | UK

Digital Workforce is delivering innovative Intelligent Automation (IA) services to NHS Trusts and Primary Care Trusts to automate at scale using improved cloud-based solutions.

This IA capability will allow the trusts to release crucial hours back to essential employees, allowing them to deploy their healthcare expertise on more meaningful tasks resulting in a more streamlined approach and enhancing the overall patient experience. This also includes essential business continuity of the automated processes as they migrate from human to digital worker fulfilment.

The new Digital Workforce implementations cover internal functions such as: Finance and HR including onboarding and payroll functions, as well as patient management systems improving the overall appointment booking experience for patients.

In addition to saving significant amounts of time for both patients and employees, the new capabilities implemented across the trusts will reduce errors to further transform the services offered.


47 – Annushka Healthcare | Ukraine

Ukrainian company Annushka Healthcare has created a mobile app that enables users to find and compare medication prices at local pharmacies, making it easier for patients to get quick access to the medicine they need.

The user can search the products, compare prices, discounts and promotions, but more importantly, can access important health tips and consultation services quickly and efficiently.  Also offers health tips and consultation services.


48 – Rouvy | Czech Republic

This well-known Czech firm has created an impressive virtual cycling app for web-based and indoor training.

Users can access  a realistic simulation of cycling routes, which helps people who can’t get outdoors a chance to have a real cycling experience. Athletes also benefit massively from the tech which includes augmented routes, virtual routes, interactive video guides and data & analytics.

It’s possible to explore real places all around the world with this outstanding technology which has now reached clientele such as Tacx, Saris, BKOOL, and Wahoo.


49 – Bookimed | Philippines

A simple but effective idea – Bookimed offers an online medical tourism platform giving people the ability to access clinics in different countries, based on their condition.

It provides accurate and up to-date information on clinic location, reviews, ratings, description, prices, doctors and so on, which offers a bridge to treatment, and can even get digital quotes for some types of care. The platform allows people to even make medical travel arrangements, and access “second opinion services” through effective technology that connects them quickly with options and suggestions.


50 –  Kardi AI | Czech Republic

Last but not least, Czech health tech company Kardi is an outstanding provider for AI-based heart health monitoring.

Users can access “Polar chest belt” technology to accurately and remotely monitor their heart – with the data being transmitted to the users’ phone, streamed into the Cloud, and if necessary, to a relevant medical professional.

This tech allows anyone to check the rhythm and behaviour of their heart without having to leave home, with top-level AI which assesses the heart and can connect users with cardiologists to help speed up a diagnosis.




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