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Mark Lovern Joins InSilicoTrials as chief platform officer



InSilicoTrials has appointed Dr Mark Lovern as chief platform officer of the firm which uses AI technology to accelerate the development of new drugs.

With the digital transformation revolution reshaping various industries, the role of chief platform officer has become even more pivotal, InSilicoTrials said.

Dr Lovern will combine his scientific knowledge of AI, machine learning and simulation technologies, along with an in-depth understanding of regulatory science, to drive the development of the InSilicoTrials.com platform and position it as a catalyst for hyper-accelerating life science R&D.

“Mark’s extensive experience and mastery in model-informed drug development align seamlessly with our vision of revolutionizing the life sciences industry,” commented Luca Emili, CEO at InSilicoTrials. His prior achievements, combined with our groundbreaking AI and simulations platform, will surely take our capabilities to unprecedented heights,” he added.

In this strategic role, Dr Mark Lovern will employ data integration and AI to enhance predictive accuracy for compound safety and efficacy. Drawing on his extensive background and expertise in modelling tools, Dr Lovern will contribute further to the already innovative culture at InSilicoTrials, enhancing the company’s operational and innovative approaches.

Dr Lovern brings a rich history of experience in the application of model-informed drug development.  In addition to modelling pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data across a wide variety of compounds and therapeutic areas, Mark has also taught over 50 technical training workshops on modelling tools and methodology.

His most recent therapeutic area experience has been with therapies for infectious disease, metabolic, and autoimmune disorders. Before joining InSilicoTrials as Chief Platform Officer, he had gathered extensive experience in both consultancy (Certara) and biopharma companies (GSK and UCB), contributing significantly to the field of quantitative pharmacology.

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