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Gordon Robert Alton, PhD joins BriOri BioTech as COO



Emerging pre-clinical stage biotech company BriOri BioTech has announced the appointment of Gordon Robert Alton, PhD as COO.

BriOri is focused on developing a pipeline of opiate-free topical pain medications, including the topical reformulation of oral medication, Vioxx.

The COX-2 specific NSAID aims to alleviate osteoarthritis related pain of the knee and joints.

Bruce Register, PhD, Founder and CEO of BriOri BioTech, said:

“I am pleased that Dr. Alton has joined our team at BriOri BioTech.

“His proven experience to successfully drive pre-clinical R&D programs into early development will add to the success of the topical Vioxx® program.

“With the global market for topical pain relief treatments projected to grow to $12.2 billion by 2027 we look forward to aligning with strong investment partners as we seek to raise $12 million to bring a safer and more effective solution to the market to meet this large unmet need.”

Dr Alton has two decades of experience in R&D management, non-clinical research, IND and early development, drug discovery, business development, operations and corporate executive management.

The pharmacologist and biochemist was previously responsible for the early-stage development of Revlimid, Inlyta and Xalkori.

Dr Alton’s CV also includes the likes of Agragene and Visionary Pharmaceuticals, a start-up targeting nuclear receptor and kinase drug discovery for topical and oral routes of administration.

Dr Alton said:

“I am thrilled to join Dr. Register and his team.

“They have decades of direct experience with Rofecoxib (Vioxx®), the strongest analgesic ever approved by the FDA and with the longest half-life compared to other NSAIDS.

“BriOri BioTech’s state-of-the-art formulation capabilities will provide a platform of strong, nonaddictive pain relief to those who need it most.”

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